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  • The Ultimate Journey

    The concept was conceived at the time of Makkah Al Mukkarramah’s formal inauguration as the capital of Islamic Culture, a land that is a perpetual vitality of human culture. The exhibition exhibits how art is an unceasing tool for the expression of divine messages. A conglomeration of 28 artists representing 19 Islamic and non Islamic countries, truly portrays the Islamic spiritualist notion of 'Unification' of people in the spirit of great goodness. These motifs are represented in the artists' expression of the holy sites.
    Message: The Holy landmarks comprised of the trustworthy (Al Ameen) Prophet's Mosque, Al Aqsa Mosque, and the two Holy Mosques and Kaaba, jointly unite the Islamic Nation under a banner of great aspirations.
    Locations: The exhibition was held for the first time in 1427 H /2006, at the King Abdulaziz Center in Abruq Alrhamah, Jeddah, coinciding with the arrival of pilgrims performing the Hajj. It was then displayed at the House of Arts in Rabat, Morocco in the month of Safar 1430 H / February 2009. Later, it was featured in Casablanca, during the holy month of Ramadan 1430 H / 20009. It's fourth destination was at the Jordanian National Museum of Fine Arts in Amman, in the month of Muharram 1431 H / December 2009, coinciding with the inauguration of Al Quds being selected as the Arab capital of culture. The fifth destination to claim the exhibition was Istanbul, at Dolma Bahja Palace, under the auspices of the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, in the month of Shaaban 1433 H / July 2012.
    Publication: 70 paintings by 28 artists, 3 tapestries, 3 ceramic pieces
    Book: 124 pages 31 x 31 cm, Appendix 48 pages 31 x 31 cm,
    Versions: Arabic/English
    Documentaries: Profile documentaries on participating artists, Rare photographs and recordings of the principle mosques, Photographs of showcased artwork, Collection of Athan (call for prayers) from across the Muslim world
    Contents: Oriental Oud
  • Sunrise…Sunset

    Aim: To display photographs taken by HH Prince Faissal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, as an endorsement for charitable causes that support children battling cancer. The idea is to promote community support and to inspire positive momentum in aiding the children. The 'Sunrise' component, is a vision of the icon of humanity and leadership, the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (May God Bless His Soul). It reflects the emergence of hope in mankind as humanity places faith in Allah above all else. The 'Sunset' section captures ephemeral beauty though the lens of a camera, reflecting an artist's hope in Divinity and in mankind.
    Locations: The exhibition was first held in 1423 H / 2003, in Riyadh at the National Museum. It was then displayed in Jeddah in 1426 H / 2006, at the King Abdulaziz Cultural Center in Abruq Alrghamah.
    Contents: Private and rare photographs of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, a collection of sunset landscape photographic portraits.
    Publication: 1st Ed.: Volume: 128 pages, 79 photos 32 x 29 cm, Volume: 164 pages, 165 photos 32x29cm,
    Package: Arabic/English, Binding: Normal, Luxury.
    Music: 2nd. Ed.: On the 77th Saudi National Day, Volume: 152 pages, 132 photos 32x29 cm, Volume: 280 pages, 224 photos 32x29cm
    Package: Arabic/English/French, Binding: Luxury,
    Music: Saeed Al Sharayebi,
    Contents: Oriental, Oud.
  • The Al Tawheed (Unification)

    Work on this exhibition commenced in 1982, and was carried out by American artist, "Gerhardt Liebmann," who passionately believed that the Kingdom's cultural heritage would seed a prosperous future. In 1997, Brazilian photographer Humberto da Silveira used his lens to document, in black and white, the same sites previously painted by the late artist, enabling viewers to enjoy and compare the work of both great artists, who poetically combined fact and fiction.
    Aim: To raise public awareness on the importance of preserving civilization, culture and historical heritage, as well as to revive the concept of 'Friends of Heritage.'
    Locations: The exhibition was first held in 1419 H - 1999, at Beit Nassif in Jeddah, during the centennial commemorative celebrations of the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was later displayed in Beirut on the occasion of the city being selected as the 'Cultural City of the Arab World,' in 1999. The journey proceeded to Paris in the year 2000, followed by a display in Riyadh, to mark the 20th anniversary of the late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz's coronation. In 2006, the exhibition was held in Jeddah at the King Abdulaziz Center for Culture, in Abruq Alrghamah in celebration of the Saudi National Day.
    Paintings: 51 oil paintings by the late, Gerhardt Liebmann.
    Photographs: 51 photographs by Humberto da Silveira.
    Publications: Exhibition book- 180 pages 26 x 24 cm; Arabic, English/French, Binding normal and luxury. A special edition was issued in commemoration of the coronation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah, which coincided with selecting 'Makkah Al Mukaramah' as the capital of the Islamic world.
    Operetta Lyrics: HRH Prince Khalid Al Faisal
    Composer: Siraj Omar
    Performers: Talal Maddah, Mohamed Abdo, Abdul Majid Abdullah, Abdullah Rashad, Rashid Al Majid.
  • The Furusiyya (The Equestrian)

    Book Aim: To heighten the understanding of equestrianism. This unique, encyclopedic work brings to life the history of equestrianism, highlighting it's significant in Arab and Islamic civilization. Exhibiting this in the Saudi territory, poetically compliments the history of men and their horses who traversed across the harsh sands, connecting with other riders of the soil, and who ultimately seeded the principle of gallantry and virtues embedded in equestrianism.
    Message: The revival of the Kingdom's equestrian heritage is complimented by this exhibition's message of fraternity, love, peace, faith in mankind, hope for human growth and the capacity for men to conform to the ethics of knighthood.
    Locations: The exhibition to inaugurate the 'Furusiyya' book was held in 1420 H / 2000, in Riyadh. This coincided with the centennial anniversary of the late King Abdulaziz's entry into Riyadh on horseback. It also coincided with the Kingdom's lead into the 7th group in the International Federation for Equestrian Games. It was later displayed in 2010 in the state of Kentucky, USA, as part of the museum exhibition, 'The Gift from the Desert.' Showcased Items: The exhibition showcased a wide range of museum pieces, related to horses and knighthood. These were contributed by leading museums and libraries worldwide.
    Publication: Printed in Austria, compiled over 5 years,
    Compilation: Dr. David Alexander,
    Translated and Edited by: Dr. Shihab Al Sarraf, Volume A- 278 pages, 27.5 x 37 cm, Volume B- 288 pages, 27.5 x 37 cm, Arabic & English Editions, Binding: Reinforced, Luxury edition,
    Music CD: Music by Saeed Al Sharayebi (Oud),
    Contents: Equestrians of the Mughal Period - Invasion - Equestrian Dance - Equestrians of the Sumerians - Dance of the Knights of Mesopotamia - Equestrians in Hijaz - A Long Time Ago - Meeting - Hijazi Karkard solo, Oud like 'Rust' solo - Suleiman Dance.