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The Last Horseman - Musical


Concept: The musical play was inspired by HH Prince Faissal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, who co sponsored the production with The Saudi Equestrian Fund. It is based on The Abbas Pasha Manuscript of the 'Arabian Horse Pedigree.'

The musical revolves around 'Trad,'a young Bedouin of the Arabian Desert, who wanders, seemingly endlessly in search of his horse. Throughout the epic journey, Trad encounters adventurous challenges, and discovers love and happiness with his companion 'Laura,' a young English lady. Across the vast Arabian desert and spanning to Victorian England, The Last Horseman offers a theatrical experience via complimentary audio and visual effects. It combines drama and musical singing, that celebrates the importance of will power and the value of determination in making dreams a reality.

Music & Lyrics: John Cameron, Albert Hammond, Berry Mason, Ranjit Bolt
Director: Andes Vicente Gomez
Madrid, Spain, December, 2012
London, United Kingdom, 2013